meet beater

Is what it says is “Bee-Tuh” and I think it’s fab. I really like that typeface. I might use it for here somehow. i sit and look at the front of the beater box often of an evening because i don’t have the brain power to do much else and I don’t have a telly. I kind of wish I had a telly. I see it sometimes when I’m at eateries and there’s baseball on at the moment. I’m pretty sure it’s yankee b-ball, but I’ve never heard of a “d” bears team. Detroit? I don’t know.

My concrete box doesn’t get below 24°cel at night but I’m so tired from missing the afternoon naps that I sleep anyway.

My ma got me an electric coffee grinder for my birthday and it rocks. They grind your coffee in-store here but it comes out too coarse, wasting the precious caffiene particles and their grinders are filthy.

It’s another think that gets me wondering about the take up in australia — how did it happen? Did the Italians open coffee shops knowing that their fellow contryfolk would patronise them, and then oneday some english-bread stumbled in, got adventurous, had a coffee and said “hey wow, I think I’ll go do filing for seven hours nonstop!” Did a few people get invited to an italian household and were introduced to the real thing?

I also wonder what it’d be like for whoever of those first explorers to different lands and learning/exchanging language with no one around with prior knowledge to help bridge the gap.

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