The dilemma always is that if I mention someone on here in a less than Disneyfied light (read: honest) then I’m reluctant to mention the URL to them, but if I don’t then there’s gaps in this moulded old version of subject reality. That is to say the blind date went kind of okay – but I just don’t get women. I think it is that I get to this age and I have to admit that to myself. Astrology is so popular because people don’t get eachother. Factor in cultural differences on top of this and I might as well have just landed on what ever the hell name of the planet is in The Left Hand of Darkness.
She’s pretty good looking and if she is completely crazy then it wasn’t immediately obvious. Really into touching, like almost from the get-go, but also hardcore christian – this much: getting up at 5:40/6am to pray, going to churchy twice a week, and also telling me that her “company” (apparently congregations divide into these so they’re more manoeuvrable and able to respond quickly) rocked up to the front of the President’s house on Monday (public hol) to pray for him and sing hymns.
That’d give me the heeby-jeebies if I was Prez.
Especially if I was corrupt.
Which he almost certainly is.

But boy she sings like a canary. And that’s no meatphor – during the evening in toto of several minutes broken into about eight episodes where she was making chirping noises.
Okay, I’m making that last sentence up. But seriously the only people who can’t sing in this country are spazzies and foriegners.

So, anyway yesterday evening I was walking thru town with a loaf of WHITEBREAD under my arm, coming back from the supamarket when I just happen to bump into her. She smiles and I stand there like an iditio (as usual) while she finishes off parkin her car. She was wearing the pendant thing I gave her (good sign) but when she gets out she says she’s busy and, just like that, keeps on going, saying she’ll call me. All I was after was a stupid trivial how’s your day? 15second convo — and no matter how busy I was I’d still do that. I dunno. And no call.

How is it that I can go from being unemployed to having a full time job and yet I’m still not busy?
Although I maintain that I haven’t been bored in 8 years, but I’ve been having border feelings this year compared to last.

The gumment seems to have stopped my out-going emails because not even my mum will reply to me, let alone the fucking credit card company.

* * *

“And he’s saying to me that, ‘You know how you have memories?’

And I’m saying like, ‘What do you mean, memories?’

He’s saying, ‘You know how you remember your father, your mother, your sister, the birthday parties?’

I think he’s giving me an example and I’m saying yes.

And he goes, ‘Someday people who are like you will not have those memories either. They’ll be like me.’ Like him meaning.

And I’m saying, ‘What do you mean by that?’

He’s saying, ‘Don’t you understand that?’

I said no, or rather, I don’t say no, I just shake my head. And then again he tells me to listen.

He says, ‘There will be only one purpose for you. You won’t have memories like you do now.’

I’m asking him like, ‘You mean me?’ He goes, ‘No, the people who will come after you.’

I don’t know what he means by that.

He’s asking me, ‘Are you understanding?’

I’m shaking my head like I don’t. I’m asking him, ‘They’re not going to take me away, are they?’

And he’s saying, ‘They don’t need to take you away. They will come.’

I don’t know what he means by this. Again I ask him what are they doing.

He looks down and he looks up at me again and he lifts his arm up. He is saying something like, ‘Do you see this?’

And I say, ‘What, your arm?’

He goes, ‘Never mind.’

I said, ‘No, tell me. Tell me. What are the aliens doing?’

And he’s saying all they’re interested in, that no matter what happens at all, is that they control.”

I <3 aliens and children somuch.

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