nirvana climb the mountain?

I saw a couple of chinooks for the first time the other day, hulking by. Those things are so strange – I don’t know how you’d operate a chopper with two rotors.

I got the lollies a few weeks back while at Everland. It took quite a bit of digging through that little plastic bin with the little plastic scoop. By the time I located all the right letters I think the staff were on the verge of calling security.

There’s a feed thing right down the bottom of the right hand column, mainly because I’m always finding/bookmarking things on one machine getting to the other one and not remembering what the search query was that got me there.

I realised the other night how much I’ve started to adapt to environment when I found myself cycling along the road and text-messaging the same time. Then even more local, climb-a-mountain (in the dark) while txting.
I found out from one of the girls at school that there’s a rumour circulating about me that I have or had a wife and kid back in australia — which is pretty rad. I’ve never been rumour-worthy before. Anyway, she set me up on a blind-date with her tutor, and since I’m always on the look out for comedic situations, I accepted. That’s tomorrow. I d’know Joe… why is always the pretty ones who go nuts, busjack, and drive it through the front windows of E-mart? Beats me, Bill. Beats me.

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