I went down the east coast to a little town called Ulchin. In size and removedness it is to eeetchon as eeetchon is to seoul. They eat anything and everything that comes out of the sea. Little kids were yelling and waving at me continually. I wonder if there’s any furriners teaching there. People were generally nice, the local bus drivers in particular were above average. A lot of times I ended up just leaving the money on the counter of places and leaving because no one was around.
I was looking for this motel that’s in the LP guide. I went in to a bookshop and showed the woman the name of the joint. She then started talking at length to her kid and then motions for me to follow the kid. It’s pretty amazing the level of trust in strangers – sending your six y.o off like that. It was a few blocks, I walked behind and when she got to certain places that, I guess, she knew she’d start swing her arms like marching.


I ended up having to ask some high school kids because we got lost.

Of course, the thing Ulchin is known for is da nukes. So I went and check their shit out this morning. A good rule of thumb is: the more money spent on PR the darker the activities the company is engaged in. The information centre at KHNP (korea hydro n’ nuclear power co.) was fantabulous!
I was able to tag onto the back of a tour group consisting of folks from ‘headquarters’ who were reconoitering for a new propaganda website they was gonna make. I couldn’t unnerstand the tour guide, but they gave me some nice brochures.

Indeed, why do is they?

There was all kinds of animated displays and flashing lights and whizz-bangedry. One of the guys in the group spoke a little english, we chatted a little and he asks if I want to go into the power plant with them.
I’m not one of these people whose ‘jaw drops open’ or to the floor. I don’t even like using the expression. But ususally when someone offers me something nice, I smile. I couldn’t smile at this guy because my jaw was doing shit. I couldn’t believe they were just going to let me walk in there.
And as it turned out, they didn’t. Some other tour guide later, says I needed to have advance-registered. Fair enough really because I could’ve been anybody, especially without having shaven in a couple of days. I was kind of surprised I was allowed to leave my very full looking backpack unattended by the reception desk.

come out to show dem come out to show dem come out to show dem come out to show dem come out to show dem come out to show dem come out to show dem

If I am not unmistaken dat iss a piece of uncooked bacon dat ish shaken on modern olive.

And by that I mean I’m taking a couple of days off and going to the beach. Seeya.

cruises in your shoeses

In minbor news, I finally finished changing over all the old entries to one CMS (content management system) so now, as the more astute will note, there is more than a thousand entries here. I think I went back through all that old stuff once before and thought it wasn’t so bad but this time it made me wonder what the heck I was thinking.

But now I’m thinking of changing to werdpress because those cretins at the nucleus support forum won’t help me fix the damned rss feed here. I don’t know what’s wrong with it.

I met up/went out with another woman last night. An architect would you blieve? Alright. Would you believe a postal-worker holding a T-square? heheh. j/k The first one. Actually on Fri arvo I saw the Charles Bronson with a toupee teacher talking into his shoe-locker, and the first thing I thought was ‘Larabie!’.
Anyway, she seems really nice. Really tall, like, a cm or two shorter n’ me and with height-enabling footwear appeared taller n’ me, which was fun – I felt like gomez adams, minus the suit. But give it time, I’m sure that she’ll turn out to be crazy or, more likely, she won’t like me for some reason.
I tellya after that last one I honest to god wanted to to an exit-interview to find out what the hell was going on in her head, or what she had a problem with about me. I’m thinking of writing up a questionnaire with some mulitple choice questions and some of those sliding scale things. “YS’s personal hygeine was of an acceptable standard for me” 1 indicates ‘strongly disagree’ 3 indicates ‘mildly disagree’ 7 indicates ‘strongly agree’ and so on.

black shoes at the bottom of a red curtain

The other week I went and saw the star wars film again just in case I was wrong. I was not. I was intending to go long about why, mainly for my own benefit because it’s hard to accept how someone could make such a series of mistakes. But ultimately I can’t deny that people do indeed make mistakes.

I was the only one in the cinema.

This created the dilemma of where do I sit? I felt obliged to sit right up the front, but it terned out to be too close. I felt obliged to sit in all the seats. I had an important conversation to finish so I talked loudly through the opening sequence then stood up stiffly, turned around and told myself to shoosh the eff up.

* * *

But better was seeing Batman Begins tonight. It was neato! There wasn’t any product placement, all of the characters were flesh n blood humans and the batmobile was really cool. One of the baddies, dr.Crane – a psch doc. – had a really evil look and I haven’t seen him before in anything.

blackpool, more than I care to mention

In a month I’m going to do a summer camp in Ulsan on the south-east coast. It doesn’t even rate a mention in the L.P. guide – all the more reason to check it out. The largest shipyard in the world; a company town – hyundai. The whaling talks are being held there at the moment. Some petrochemical plants too.. O how I have the thick black smell of the refinery.

big stone head

Some time ago, maybe a year and a half I was on a bit of a jag of building this site into a full blown aggrandisation of the self, the self being my self. It was fun for a while but then I must’ve forgot because I only just remembered it again today.

Kind of touching but also way strange was this situation this morning where this student came up and gave me this little head — my head. It’s fantastic. It reminds me of how bald I am. As with similar things before, I can’t even remember talking to this girl. It’s always the quiet ones that come up with the surprises. They’re all completely transfixed with blue eyes. Big noses too. I’m often told I have a big nose, but without any negative slant to it.

I was talking to a friend, a canadian woman, candles about the issue of obsession with outward appearance here. There’s mirrors everywhere, (like even up the hill at the mineral spring there’s a mirror hanging on a nail) and people are always checking themselves in them. So I sez to Candles, I sez, but don’t you think that it’s just that folks are more up front about it here, and that we tend to hide it, do it in private, in the west? But she says no, and I suppose I’m starting to agree – it is worse here, and I’m sure more so from the women’s position.

I’m off to find a small baby grand piano to put my shrunken head on.

daz tekka!

I discovered there’s 10 or 12 music video clips on my phone. Most of them are horrendous. I kept one because it was shot in Melbourne/victoria. Featuring typical everyday occurences souches:

driving around albert park lake in an old Ford

Korean music videos are by and large, ballads and feature 1 effeminate guy, 1 even more effeminate girl, guns and shooting, being chased by gangstas, bad suits, people (the guy) getting killed, a complete halt to the music with grief-stricken squeal by girl to emphasise dramatic shooting dead bit, and lastly – everyone alive again at the end.

hanging out the door of a W-class tram while havin’ a pash

Two things I wish were in the phone are a stop watch and some thing so I could make up tacky synthesizer tunes on the keypad.

pulling a t-stop skid on the Great Ocean Road

Phone batteries last a lot longer here than in aust. and the value in dollars per minutes for a prepaid is much better, adding more voice to the theory that telstra are pirates.

meet beater

Is what it says is “Bee-Tuh” and I think it’s fab. I really like that typeface. I might use it for here somehow. i sit and look at the front of the beater box often of an evening because i don’t have the brain power to do much else and I don’t have a telly. I kind of wish I had a telly. I see it sometimes when I’m at eateries and there’s baseball on at the moment. I’m pretty sure it’s yankee b-ball, but I’ve never heard of a “d” bears team. Detroit? I don’t know.

My concrete box doesn’t get below 24°cel at night but I’m so tired from missing the afternoon naps that I sleep anyway.

My ma got me an electric coffee grinder for my birthday and it rocks. They grind your coffee in-store here but it comes out too coarse, wasting the precious caffiene particles and their grinders are filthy.

It’s another think that gets me wondering about the take up in australia — how did it happen? Did the Italians open coffee shops knowing that their fellow contryfolk would patronise them, and then oneday some english-bread stumbled in, got adventurous, had a coffee and said “hey wow, I think I’ll go do filing for seven hours nonstop!” Did a few people get invited to an italian household and were introduced to the real thing?

I also wonder what it’d be like for whoever of those first explorers to different lands and learning/exchanging language with no one around with prior knowledge to help bridge the gap.

east by east-south-east

It’s been like after rounding the cape two weeks ago, the gigantic wooden ship sits atop a deathly flat sea. Unbearable heat every day. There’s air con in the officers cabin but not in the hull where the hundreds and hundreds of press-ganged crew work the oars all day long. Taking my shifts down there, making sure the drum-beater keeps constant, is getting difficult.
There’s still a fair amount of them who believe we actually have a destination, and are moving toward it, but the more worldly of them, with their waistcoats hanging slack and open, their powdered wigs much the worse for wear, realise the pointlessness and have begun to let show a look in their eyes of mutiny and murderousness.