well that’s just great

Y’know there’s no off ya tree bong shops here and no ‘take me to your dealer’ posters with a smokin’ grey alien on them. I don’t think the locals have trouble with aliens at all but I do.
The other night one appeared in my apt and told me that I’d picked up the wrong electricity bill. I was all set to pay this bill for 38ooo that belonged to the architects downstairs. They’d already paid mine (7ooo — nuclear power, I could kiss you, except then my face would blotch and slough off by morning) and the alien wanted the money from me to give them.

I deemed this a reasonable request although I only had a tenner. Through some communication process, be it telepathic or technological, another alien was told that I needed change. While we were waiting for the change I tried to show him? it? the picture on the front of the whitely strieber book, but he just squinted as if the light wasn’t that good.
Another one arrived with three 1s. It struck me how light on their feet they are, really sharp movements. They basically ignored me and were talking to eachother saying I don’t know what. They were looking at my bed and slapping the side of the mattress and lifting up the side a little. They looked impressed and were pointing outside.
I think they’re going to come back and take my bed.

Then tonight I was just eating my tea and one peeks in the window through the flywire. It pointed at the light I’d accidentally left on in the bathroom. Like, you should turn the light off if you’re not using it.
Great. I can see it’s going to be a long summer if I can’t have the window open without getting ‘suggestions’ from beings from another planet.

rocket science

I’m going to start picking up the wrong kind of audience if I keep posting pictures of students, but I was coming up the hill this morning and came across this little situation. Those heathens in the north should be made aware we have the hardware and the people to use it. I was kind of hoping the clear liquid inside the cylinder was something flammable but it was water.
Boy did that thing get up. It cleared the pitch easy.

Getting back to the thing that holds this blog together, velcro, we was talking velcro today and there was a bunch of pictures of clothings that used velcro on the page. There was a stock-standard astronaut there, plucked from its normal background and set on white-space. I asked what do you call that and got back, “science one-piece”. That kills me.

Via the worldchanging site, see left, was this foto-map of the world courtesy of the euro space agency. No, you can’t see your backyard, you’ll have to go outside to do that. It is amazing how Marsish australia is compared to the rest of the planet.

dog burn

Of words that can technically be labelled a sentence, “The movie sucked.” is officially the most commons singular unit now found on the internet.

I’ve started jogging. I don’t know why exactly, I never thought I’d be one of those people, but I wake up at 6:30 and start running.
One of those things that happens at night was that that I found that I need to get up and take a slash, and had had a rather vivid dream/halucination that did, but then gained just enough consciousness to realise I had only mentally journeyed. I thought, I better get up and take a slash, then had an even more vivid visualisation of doing that, but again woke to find I was still in bed. The third time I dragged out for real to get to the toilet. It makes me wonder if I astrally projected there the first two times — did a ghost-pee.
At another point I got the urge to take my pyjamas off in relation to a dream, but I don’t know how it relates. Or what the dream was about.

I bookmarked this some time ago but forgot to link it; the truth about hell.

school sports day

If one smalltown mid-skool could produce this much noise and fervour then I think I probably would’ve died at the world cup. Was great fun but. They don’t have school houses like in australia, it’s just one class against the next. So I barracked for my favourite classes and hurled abuse at the less enthusiastic ones. Or should have.

All we got is a sandy dirt soccer pitch so there wasn’t much running, just one relay for each level. Loads of volleyball though. Plenty of wind-whipped sand storms, and 2400 skun knees. They kept coming over to me and showing us freshly iodined abrasions and saying ‘I’m sick’, and I’d say, ‘Sick mate!’.

Since I don’t teach them I don’t really know the grade 3s, but was able to hang with them a bit today. And because it’s camp/excursion/field trip week, I get to go to everland with them on Fri.
This girl had the whole Leyton Hewitt thing going on, plus the angel wings for xtra-kool.

miss Eee! cracks the whip on 1-5’s tug-o-war effort

Sorry about the page load atm. It’s just a visual week I guess.

multi-dimensional phase-shifting beverage holder

If it were true that ceramics got me a horn on, then it’d be a right time, right place situation. That’s because EEE!tch-on is the justified and ancient home of ceramics in this country, and every odd year it holds an international ceramix expo. The grand finale is in Sept. I think, but things have already kicked off.
The truth is that, back in the olden days, the whole nation’s economy was pottery-based. Then the japanese came and kidnapped the potters, so the economy collapsed.

I suppose I find ceramics mildly amusing. I visited a few large shops the other day. There’s so many ways to get your glaze on – both visually and tactile — the ceramics village would be a fun place to trip. There’s coarse red things that look like they came from Mars thru to this smooth pale green style, which is my personal fave. It’s almost soft/warm to the touch if you know what I mean.

The night-time cellophane-wrapped light in my joint doesn’t illustrate the green shade correctly, but you can see that cracked look that enables ETs to ‘fold space’, as they put it.

Here’s another thing that’s so old that it looks like it’s from the future (in the picture).

Great donkey breaks from biblical times

– they loaded their grain on their donkeys and left.

– When David had gone a short distance beyond the summit, there was Ziba, the steward of Mephibosheth, waiting to meet him. He had a string of donkeys saddled and loaded with two hundred loaves of bread, a hundred cakes of raisins, a hundred cakes of figs and a skin of wine.

– Who let the wild donkey go free?
Who untied his ropes?

– Jesus found a young donkey and sat upon it, as it is written,

-When he sees chariots
with teams of horses,
riders on donkeys
or riders on camels,
let him be alert,
fully alert.“

– Do not plow with an ox and a donkey yoked together.

– A whip for the horse, a halter for the donkey,
and a rod for the backs of fools!

– With a donkey’s jawbone
I have made donkeys of them.
With a donkey’s jawbone
I have killed a thousand men.

– The donkey said to Balaam, ”Am I not your own donkey, [?]”

tuesday is tomorrow

It’s buddha’s b’day on sunday [post-edit: sunday-week] and so this is a good time to be asking yourself, “do I have enough buddha merch at hand?”, and if not, start with this WWBD? tee, then go see your local vendor for the beads and the rest.
I think it’s going to be a big deal. Mr.Monk’s been hoppin’ to it double time, and the rest of the posse including the old lady next door seem to be out and on it a lot more. The lanterns are up, and sure, I might stop by the ghetto in the morning, but the real gig’s on up the hill. They gonna have a concert with Savage Garden playing. They got a big stone carved arhat there. I was there friday, someone had left him a packet of chips.

Here’s a buddhist story on studpidness which I can relate to.

There’s buddha gear shops in the metropolis too — I’ve seen grey, Indian dalai lama-style pith helmets … I want a pith helmet but it has to be white, WHITE, wot eh mm? To go with the safari shirt my tailor is making for me. It’s not extravagant, I’m still working on my work-wardrobe, and am desperately searching for ways to not tuck my shirt in. Particular in summer, which it has rapidly become.

I’m reading the as-seen-on-TV, old Eastern classic, Monkey, as retold by David Kherdian. It’s really good i.e. funny and interesting. He lives in The Water Cutain Cave, in the Blessed Land of Flower Mountain. I love that name.

‘Furious, Natha cried, “Change!” whereupon he was transformed into a ferocious deity with three heads and six arms. His hands held six weapons: a monster-slashing sword, a monster-hacking scimitar, a monster-binding rope, a monster-quelling club, an embroidered ball, and a fire wheel. Brandishing these weapons, he charged Monkey.
“So you’ve a trick or two up your sleeve,” Monkey said.
“Well, have a look at this!” Shouting, “Change!” Monkey turned into a demon with three heads and six arms. His cudgel had become three cudgels, and grabbing each with two hands, he engaged Natha in an earth-shaking, mountain-trembling battle. They flew through the air like meteors and clashed like lightning, each parry and blow a thunderclap, with sparks flashing across the skies like shooting stars.’

the moment we have all been waiting for

It’s velcro fasteners week at school. For a whole fortnight I get to talk velcro with the girls.
A. Do you know who invented velcro fasteners?
B. I don’t know. Do you?
A. I don’t know, either. But I think they are more handy than buttons.

A. Sora, do you like velcro fasteners?
B. Yeah, they’re very useful.
A. How about shoelaces?
B. Oh no, I really hate them.

A little bit on velcro and zippers.

* * *

Last thursday I went ice-skating with a young woman I met, Y–. It was real nice, we kind of held hands a bit when one of us was losing balance.
Hmm, excuse me I think I need to go puke again.

She fell over once or twice. Eventhough it was my first time ice-skating, I didn’t fall over, so she started trying to push me over. She’s a real swell gal like that. I eventually landed on my arse, but only once.
She doesn’t like most of the food here, especially the spicy stuff, which I find refreshingly different. I got to thinking, maybe I don’t either.
She rings me up at 4am which is fine, I don’t really need to sleep.