“Crazy Frog”, because I need the traffic

…hollow as it may be.

Don’t ask me how this happens but last weekend I was hanging out with a buddy in seoul who works for uncle sam in an auxilary role, selling shit. He’s great, like a cross between Benson and bill cosby, from south carolina and really does say stuff like ‘Where the dirty tea-towels at?“
We got breakfast at the military base and while standing in line at the cafeteria he says, ”Man who got the idea to eat animals’ eggs anyway?”. Good point.

Trust the British to forge on into new chart-toppin’ territory re commercial audio. They used to play that frog thing a bit on the radio last year, but called it an indian swami guy on pixie stix. They’d play it with F1 news because it sounds like an F1 car, not that I’d know anymore.

Last, if architecture gets you your jollies at all take a look at The Gutter.

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