A few weeks back I had a rather strange moment in the supermarket as the usual, terrible in-house music was interrupted by what I could swear was a My Bloody Valentine track. I couldn’t place which one.

There is one music shop in town. I was just down there, and in amongst the M for Metallica, Moby and other various shite was both of My Bloody Valentine’s albums. So I guess for some reason they were big here. It was only 15bucks for the 2nd album, Loveless, so I thought, fuck it why not? I never actually had that one, just the first one on cassette. That cover is a bit of a classic, it’d be great to put on a t-shirt.

I remember back in ’90 or 89 or whenever and sitting up late watching music videos and seeing the clip for ‘soon’ and really digging it. It’s goes on the ‘songs that automatically need to be played loud’ list. And MBV in general are and always were an inspiration ot anyone who a) could string together a couple of weeks pocket money to get 2nd hand distortion/reverb and delay pedals, b) was too lazy to really learn how to play a guitar properly and c) was intentionally messing with their own chemical balances.
MBV had such sexy taste in guitars. I still eventually want to get a Fender Jaguar.

Check out the afore-linked neato site, Tremelo because it’s got some trax for downloadez and vid clips for the bandwidth-rich.

Been listening to FlashBack Alternatives net radio station. It’s 80s n 90s, and not stuff you hear much of on commerical FM. It sounds like it’s run by humans too, compared to a fair chunk of the computer-drivien radio offered up on the net.

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