Jah we was wrong mon!

When we here at sunny breaks said that petrol here was 13 bucks a litre, we were mistaken. It’s actually approx 1.30 a litre. It’s my handler miss park’s fault. She told me it. She also always says ‘doggy’ instead of dog, and goes looking for opportunities to use the word doggy, like in doggy-bag, but not doggy-style because that would be improper. Also she says, “excuse you”, which sounds lame. She hums madly whenever the opportunity presents itself – baseless, high-pitched and jumping from one note to another in random – it’s not a tune at all. But I’m not complaining, things could be a lot worse.

I haven’t watched tv more a month and more now – I didn’t count so I don’t know. Last year I always wanted to be freed of the thing, but this doesn’t feel like a victory because it’s just that there’s nothing good on.
However, this week via the computer I watched this series of ads – or a video-blog as they call it, but it’s really just corporate product-awareness building. Still kind of interesting use of a new medium though. And I was trying to find out moves.

This collection of excerpts from a candid camera style show where the rubes are told their auditioning for reality tv shows. The box one is the best.

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