It’s wella late for me since I did not get that much of the sleep last night due to adjusting to the over-softness of the new mattress, which may mean I’ll typo bad, and I don’t like letting things get monotone here. But perculiar behaviour is one of the few things that stops me from dying of bordom of the human rayce, and so here are three things from least to most:

– two girls thoroughly working over one of the girl’s arms with erasers. They were rubbing quite hard but not at any dicernable marks. Trying to rub herself out?

– Okay, now Rock, Paper, Scissors is big here. It’s used to decide all kinds of things that, in all seriousness, should be pounded out in conference rooms by professional diplomats and negotiators. PRS is used in preference to coin tossing, which seems far more tamper-proof than shaking fists with someone.
I watched two girls go PRS and everytime the same one would win. The winner got to flick the loser on the forhead. The loser would patiently hold still and adjust her head when the other required it, so that the thumb-n-index finger flick would hit exactly in the middle of the forhead. I watched for about three rounds of this. They’d do it without talking.

– Today there was a girl in class with this sign in Hangul around her neck. It was on thin card and the letters were in thick, black texta. I’m at the stage where I can read words but not know what they mean. I assumed that she was being punished for something, and that it said something like, “slacker”.
I tried to find out what it said, and what she’d got in trouble for, and which teacher had made the sign — ie who goes in for the public humiliation as discipline tactic.
But I found that it was actually the girl herself who had made the sign, and as the co-teacher explained, she doesn’t have any friends,or, she wants friends. Another girls said she wants a boyfriend. Yet another girl explained it most concisely; “solo”.
It reminded me of Nick Cave circa late b’day party, early bad seeds, where he’d wear pieces of paper with pictures of marilyn monroe or whoever saftey-pinned on the front of his shirt.

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