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This place could be called The Land of the unexplained funk. You could be anywhere including the 30th storey of a business structure and still just be standing there and get a whiff of something and go, ‘p-hwoar, what is that?’. It could also be called The Land of the Disimbibed water. Not just hucking a loogie, although that’s awfully popular too, but a mouthful of water spat out onto the street. You see the evidence everywhere. Or, of course, Land of the Posed Photo.

And the students were up to plenty of that today because there was this choral group touring from a certain university in the lower half of california. A county named after a popular citrus fruit. Uni name: what would you call the gurad of the van? switch those two words round. I can’t get anymore specif or the sods’ll google me.

I was sulking because I couldn’t go to see there stupid choir for crappy jerks because I had to work. But then I did get to see one bit, and admittedly they did sing pretty well – they did a battle of the bands with our skols miss-yu choir. But while the locals did traditional, justified and ancient stuff, the proselytes did frikkin songs from Titanic. That says something.

And proselytes they were. They were spreadin’ on the ‘You Must Accept Jesus INTO Yr Heart’ stuff well thick. Funny in its own way because they were preaching to the converted –preaching to the choir. And of all the universal truths I’ve continually got on the test-bench to see if they hold, it’s this one that stays the most clearly back and white. It’s that the more fanatical, the more someone tries to convince me (or you) of something, I think, the less they actually believe it themselves. There was definitely some lost lookin souls in that group.

I haven’t seen that many westerners in a clump like that in months. Whenever I see other whiteys they always look so unwell — pasty and sniffling, watery eyes and sullen. And I tell ya, this lot were fine examples of the uber-morbid obeseness that we are told that the continent of n.america is being smothered under.

Anyway, all this was an enema for my grumpiness because it reminds me that the people I deal with day-to-day are pretty good, and that I get bitch-arse shitty with people sometimes no matter where I am.

Also I was halfway down the street on my way to murder the hunchback when i got a ph. call and got my mattress delivered.

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