Got on up the hill to the buddha’s b’day bash. It was pretty okay. All kinds of stuff — a choir of ladies all hanboked up, a contemporary band, some equadorian dudes, a buddhist nun doing trad. hymns, and a couple of women singing solo pop to backing trax. They all sing really well and the acoustics up there were suprisingly good. I was a bit spaced.

I guess I’ve been a bit spaced for a week or more now. Maybe a bit of routine creeping in. It’s hard and loansome being an outsider. This whole jaunt is a picnic in the park compared to what immigrants to australia would’ve gone through. I didn’t come here out of hardship, and didn’t have to work in some rural labour camp for years to earn my right to stay. Overwhelmingly I don’t experience racism but the language and cultural gap are still huge and I can see why a lot of old migrant guys in australia are grumpy. I am making an attempt to learn the language but it’s a mammoth task.

I’m starved for real conversation. Even in Geelong it wasn’t an easy thing to come by. It was teacher’s day yesterday and I didn’t get a fucking cracker. No lollies, no flowers, no vitamin drinks, no presents no nuffing. It doesn’t take much to trigger me feeling hardly done by especially right now.

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