Interesting thingy on one fella’s vision of what the slide into a new, less oil-driven, lifestyle will look like. I’ve been reading these kinds of things for years, most of them more extreme than this.

I just found out yesterday that petrol here costs 13k per litre, which means approx. $15AUD per litre. Golly that’s a lot. Cars are cheap, like 500 hunnered bucks cheap, but I think I’d rather it the other way around and not be grumbling everytime I put juice in the tank. Not that I’ve ever put juice in the tank, nor will I by the sounds of of it.

I don’t know if I’ve ever said the public transport here is good. Sometimes I think it is, but then in situations like tonight I think it’s actually worse than Melb./Geelong vic. The last bus for eeetchon from seoul leaves at 10:40, which is stupid. The last train leaves Melbourne for geelong at 11:30. Tonight I had to stand up in the aisle with 15 other people for the whole 50mins. Not only is it a pain in the arse, it’s probably really dangerous.

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