well that’s just great

Y’know there’s no off ya tree bong shops here and no ‘take me to your dealer’ posters with a smokin’ grey alien on them. I don’t think the locals have trouble with aliens at all but I do.
The other night one appeared in my apt and told me that I’d picked up the wrong electricity bill. I was all set to pay this bill for 38ooo that belonged to the architects downstairs. They’d already paid mine (7ooo — nuclear power, I could kiss you, except then my face would blotch and slough off by morning) and the alien wanted the money from me to give them.

I deemed this a reasonable request although I only had a tenner. Through some communication process, be it telepathic or technological, another alien was told that I needed change. While we were waiting for the change I tried to show him? it? the picture on the front of the whitely strieber book, but he just squinted as if the light wasn’t that good.
Another one arrived with three 1s. It struck me how light on their feet they are, really sharp movements. They basically ignored me and were talking to eachother saying I don’t know what. They were looking at my bed and slapping the side of the mattress and lifting up the side a little. They looked impressed and were pointing outside.
I think they’re going to come back and take my bed.

Then tonight I was just eating my tea and one peeks in the window through the flywire. It pointed at the light I’d accidentally left on in the bathroom. Like, you should turn the light off if you’re not using it.
Great. I can see it’s going to be a long summer if I can’t have the window open without getting ‘suggestions’ from beings from another planet.

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