rocket science

I’m going to start picking up the wrong kind of audience if I keep posting pictures of students, but I was coming up the hill this morning and came across this little situation. Those heathens in the north should be made aware we have the hardware and the people to use it. I was kind of hoping the clear liquid inside the cylinder was something flammable but it was water.
Boy did that thing get up. It cleared the pitch easy.

Getting back to the thing that holds this blog together, velcro, we was talking velcro today and there was a bunch of pictures of clothings that used velcro on the page. There was a stock-standard astronaut there, plucked from its normal background and set on white-space. I asked what do you call that and got back, “science one-piece”. That kills me.

Via the worldchanging site, see left, was this foto-map of the world courtesy of the euro space agency. No, you can’t see your backyard, you’ll have to go outside to do that. It is amazing how Marsish australia is compared to the rest of the planet.

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