dog burn

Of words that can technically be labelled a sentence, “The movie sucked.” is officially the most commons singular unit now found on the internet.

I’ve started jogging. I don’t know why exactly, I never thought I’d be one of those people, but I wake up at 6:30 and start running.
One of those things that happens at night was that that I found that I need to get up and take a slash, and had had a rather vivid dream/halucination that did, but then gained just enough consciousness to realise I had only mentally journeyed. I thought, I better get up and take a slash, then had an even more vivid visualisation of doing that, but again woke to find I was still in bed. The third time I dragged out for real to get to the toilet. It makes me wonder if I astrally projected there the first two times — did a ghost-pee.
At another point I got the urge to take my pyjamas off in relation to a dream, but I don’t know how it relates. Or what the dream was about.

I bookmarked this some time ago but forgot to link it; the truth about hell.

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