school sports day

If one smalltown mid-skool could produce this much noise and fervour then I think I probably would’ve died at the world cup. Was great fun but. They don’t have school houses like in australia, it’s just one class against the next. So I barracked for my favourite classes and hurled abuse at the less enthusiastic ones. Or should have.

All we got is a sandy dirt soccer pitch so there wasn’t much running, just one relay for each level. Loads of volleyball though. Plenty of wind-whipped sand storms, and 2400 skun knees. They kept coming over to me and showing us freshly iodined abrasions and saying ‘I’m sick’, and I’d say, ‘Sick mate!’.

Since I don’t teach them I don’t really know the grade 3s, but was able to hang with them a bit today. And because it’s camp/excursion/field trip week, I get to go to everland with them on Fri.
This girl had the whole Leyton Hewitt thing going on, plus the angel wings for xtra-kool.

miss Eee! cracks the whip on 1-5’s tug-o-war effort

Sorry about the page load atm. It’s just a visual week I guess.

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