multi-dimensional phase-shifting beverage holder

If it were true that ceramics got me a horn on, then it’d be a right time, right place situation. That’s because EEE!tch-on is the justified and ancient home of ceramics in this country, and every odd year it holds an international ceramix expo. The grand finale is in Sept. I think, but things have already kicked off.
The truth is that, back in the olden days, the whole nation’s economy was pottery-based. Then the japanese came and kidnapped the potters, so the economy collapsed.

I suppose I find ceramics mildly amusing. I visited a few large shops the other day. There’s so many ways to get your glaze on – both visually and tactile — the ceramics village would be a fun place to trip. There’s coarse red things that look like they came from Mars thru to this smooth pale green style, which is my personal fave. It’s almost soft/warm to the touch if you know what I mean.

The night-time cellophane-wrapped light in my joint doesn’t illustrate the green shade correctly, but you can see that cracked look that enables ETs to ‘fold space’, as they put it.

Here’s another thing that’s so old that it looks like it’s from the future (in the picture).

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