the moment we have all been waiting for

It’s velcro fasteners week at school. For a whole fortnight I get to talk velcro with the girls.
A. Do you know who invented velcro fasteners?
B. I don’t know. Do you?
A. I don’t know, either. But I think they are more handy than buttons.

A. Sora, do you like velcro fasteners?
B. Yeah, they’re very useful.
A. How about shoelaces?
B. Oh no, I really hate them.

A little bit on velcro and zippers.

* * *

Last thursday I went ice-skating with a young woman I met, Y–. It was real nice, we kind of held hands a bit when one of us was losing balance.
Hmm, excuse me I think I need to go puke again.

She fell over once or twice. Eventhough it was my first time ice-skating, I didn’t fall over, so she started trying to push me over. She’s a real swell gal like that. I eventually landed on my arse, but only once.
She doesn’t like most of the food here, especially the spicy stuff, which I find refreshingly different. I got to thinking, maybe I don’t either.
She rings me up at 4am which is fine, I don’t really need to sleep.

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