gratuitous dirty kitten foto

It’s enough to make yer puke innit?.

I’m having something of a pleasure overload because I just found out I have the next three days off due to mid-term exams. Not being told these things earlier is now the most I, the talking koala, can expect. And eventhough there’s a lunchy on Wednesday I have to attend, ruling out breaking for inner mongolia, I’m not complaining. Days of is days off.

I just nipped home to get the travel guide and found a bunch of girls squatting behind a shed and I think a couple of em were faggin’. Good for them. Nice to see a bit of werstern-style rebelion. Although I tremble for thee re: thee ass-whoopin thee’d get if caught by someone more authoritarian than mee.

– Background on nuke reactors in SK. It’s weird living on the same little strip of land along with 20 heavy water reactors (just right for harvesting weapon stuff) — SK, and 8 old-skool, chernobyl-style jobs in NK. 40% of this country’s energy comes from nukes. I haven’t pinpointed where they actually are, but I think I’ll go visit when I find out. Y’know, go take a foto of me out the front, have a little melt down of my own maybe.

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