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There was some thing on the radio tonight about shaun ryder, happy mondays, black grape – and I missed it. The other day I was googling him and found that the BBC did some doco on him a year or so back, and boy was he looking wrecked after coming through the other side of detox/rehab. At least he’s still alive because I think he really is a musical genius.

My mum used to say Don’t fritter away your money on tapes, and to an extent she was right because all the tapes are stuck in corio, but my CD collection, which I brought, has been worth its weight in gold.
I was going to do a big list of my fav tracks from the albums I have, but it’s too much effort.
I will say that for an album produced in ’98, fatboy slim’s you’ve come a long way baby, is really good. Also in the good album category is Pills, thrills n’ Bellyaches — happy mondays.
Song’s that’ve just popped into my head without any prompt lately include: XTC’s making plans for nigel, Bob Mould’s Sugar project song, ‘that’s a good idea’ (okay, that one was kind of prompted — I’ve had to read out the line, “that’s a good idea!” all week. And Blue Oyster Cult’s don’t fear the reaper. And ‘that’s entertainment’ – the jam, and Dear God – XTC again.
So I schnaffled them off the file share.

For a city of 12mil+ there’s bugger all good music shops. I’m attempting to get a piece of plastic but it’s a pain get sorted from here.
I got some 3 disc live Led Zep thing but it was a bit hum.. the inside sleeve bit had a note from jimmy page saying, “I was cleaning up the studio and came across some old masters… then I remembered I needed a new learjet”.

Also, I was pleasantly surprised to find the nick cave & the bad seeds double – abattior blues + the lyre of orpheus — which I think is good, but for some reason the words used in the rhyming lyrics stick out as being really obvious .. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. I like the song, hiding all away.
As I heard someone say on the radio the other day, you’re pretty much asking for a kick in the spleen if you’re australian and start dissin’ Cave.
I thought it was weird the way Blixa wasn’t involved. I was day-dreaming, trying to imagine how nick and blixa would communicate (phone?) and what was said: “I’m workin on sme new songs, do ya wanna come over..?” “Ja er nein, eem a leetle busy right now…”

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