Calm Down Dear, It’s a Commercial!

Back a year or two when drum n’ bass was normalised and used by (the ad agencies working for) corporates like McDonalds et al. it made me wonder why someone didn’t use something a bit more thumping. Well, the answer’s always obvious — don’t upset the old folks. But then, why do those ads exist where a guys screams End of year clearance, all stock must go! and also a sound of a sledge hammer hitting metal plates.

Mentioned (left) but also here again for permanency’s sake — JakaZiD’s remixes of a couple of UK tv ads (via adland) – and hosted at Lucky Kazoo.
Cillit Bang has been stuck in my head all day. Apparently the original ad was cheesy-Just-right enough that it hit that likability nerve. I suppose a good ad can do that – be like an unfinished work – waiting for the audience/consumer to pick it up and complete it. Metaphorically of course, most times.
The happy-hardcore remixes really cap it though. I think if I was working on the cillit bang account, I’d be trying to buy (or rent or whatever they do) that trak and trying my damnedest to get it on telly.

It probably wouldn’t work for E-sure, being insurance and all; a shame, because I think it’s slightly more catchy.

* * *

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy editing their mid-term exams. I forgot that writing english is an entirely different ball game to speaking it.
Also, with half the results in, public opinion among the girls is definitely landsliding towards, “Abe Lincoln looks like a monkey” – and in some cases, specifically a chimpanzee.

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