‘They’re going to hang me, Doctor. They’re going to hang me and murder you’

So last Monday in the cafeteria I ended up sitting opposite miss yu — she’s hot! I says, yo doo! so how come you didn’t get to the flower festival with us yesterday?
“Churchy” she says.
This is one of the unsolved mysteries. What the heck can you do in a church all day long. Are you allowed to bring sandwiches? Maybe they bring their boxes and have a LAN party.
She has the most amazing set of teeth you ever seen. If she died in a car crash tomorrow it’d be pretty much a unanimouse decision that her teeth would be sent intact to the national university to be studid by the dental skool and gawked at by general publics as a monument to the perfection that teeth can achive.
Me n the gals from typing pool were going out for dinner last nite and miss yu was in tow. They were deciding on what to eat. “Do you like acorn jelly?” I said “Acorn jelly mm-mm my favourite. So we went to The House of Acorn Jelly. Actually I felt a lot better about the stuff when I found out it wasn’t actually reprocessed squid guts.
Anyway I really like her and I think she likes me. Well I think she likes me – theres a chance she want to use me to sharpen her speaking skillz to get back at her younger sisters who speak better than her.
I don’t mind and either way I’m going into this with my eyes open. Or maybe I’ll go into it with em real squinty so everything lookes elongated and trippy, I havent decided yet.
She’s the music teacher and is the one who’s driving the bus when I climb the hill some mornings and hear this eary host of angel voices hallejuhahing – scaring away ghosts and making tigers howl — minors hitting minors.
In chapel she conducts the choir and here’s the other thing I’m not sure about. What really is conducting except waving your arms around. Wouldn’t everything keep happening if you weren’t there, waving? Zen, baby.
Back at The House of Acorn Jelly, the food had hit the table and yus lowers her head and goes into prayer. I had to think quick. I really wanted to impress her, so I went down on it too.
I took a deep breath, scrunched m face up and started praying so hard that it felt like my eardrums were going to explode and blood would come pooring out.
I don’t know what happend but I got dizzy, tipped over and hit my head just above the eye brow on the corner of the table. But it was like those times in surgery when I was abducted when they thought they’d anethetised me and I was still totally conscious.
They thought I’d knocked myself out but I wasn’t and it must’ve triggered something because I started going ballistic auto at the mouth, and foaming too. They thought I was speaking in tongs — I don’t know. All I know is that later in hospital, and they were all standing around the bed, yus looked quietly impressed. I think we’re going to the movies. Or maybe ice-skating.

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