jesu swept

Jesus looks down over a peninsula crafted exclusively in the medium of … egg. Also are included is an isle to the east called dokdow or some shit like that. I personally don’t give a rats arse, but the locals are a bit worked up about it. K says we want it back. J says want what back? K says you know what I mean. J says no you’re going to have to elaborate. K says that island. J says what island? K says that Island right there! It’s ours. J says well that was never yours.

So anyway I think we’re going to war next tuesday. Oh you mean this tuesday? No, if I meant this tuesday, that what I’d’ve said. Well what is this tuesday to you, last tuesday? No, last tuesday is last tuedsay — there is no this tuesday. Okay, so when’s next tuesday, tuesday week? What the heck’s a ‘tuesday week’?

I’m glad really – I’d hate to see all those helicopters go to waste. Those ones that the keep flying over the joint and rattling the windows. ‘Wartime’ is one of the conditions under which I’m allowed to go home. That’s how likely it is. They put it in the contract.

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