some girls

OMG I just got internet on at home. 100Mb/sec is what the thing says. I’m literally pooing my pants at the thought of being able to livestream listen to RRR Breakfasters tomorrow morning.
I was jumping the gun a bit the other day re: local radio. Because of all the hills not much can be picked up and there’s generally few songs and lots of blahblah.
I haven’t checked yet if I can key the iBook into using the connection here yet. My handler, miss park lent me her dextop pc which was awful nice of a thing to do.

Most of the time, outside of class is like being marooned on the set of Annie, and the town’s small enough that I can’t walk into a shoe shop without bumping into at least two of em. I’ll never have any problems getting a witness, an alibi, if I’m accused of something wrongly, because no matter where I walk there’s always at least 6 girls nearby. There’s 1200 in the school and 900 of them orbit past me each 5 days.

It’s interesting though. In the first week I put the question ‘what do you like doing?’ to all of them, and the widespread playing of computer games in this land is definitely no myth.
With such a mass, it’s the mutations that are interesting. Like, there’s a few of em who look a lot like boys. In fact, I think they are boys– they spontaneously changed in order to safeguard the survival of the species.
I’d be lying if didn’t say some of them were cute. I know they’re only 12 & 13, but barring some terrible accident with a mechanical rice picker, they’ll grow up to be gorgeous, and be flight attendants and get away with bloody murder.
There’s one girl who looks so Rock and Roll it blows my head — hair that has this natural unkempt cabbage-clumpy style and big glasses — she just needs a rickenbacker bass slung around her neck and voila.

It’s a ridiculous question at that age, but it’s in the syllabus, so lately I’ve been asking them what their dream job is. The best answer I’ve heard so far is Break Dancer. And the president of my fan club, a year 7 pip-squeak wid attitude want to run a pet shop. Doctor is popular, as is teacher.

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