Soma 1095

This is one of the many local eateries. I’ve been to it a couple of times. It’s not bad. The dish pictured is called bibimbap. The first time I had it by myself I just ate it as is, but later found out you’re supposed to mix it all together. There’s rice under what’s seen. It’s pretty filling and vegetarian too. It costs about 5 bucks.

I don’t know how all these joints stay open. About five people work there, including two daredevil motorscooter delivery guys. One of them has his hair dyed orange with the blow wave and all — he looks like a muppet. Nice people though.

So much is out in the open here. Yesterday morning I watched my normally mild-mannered supervisor/boss-woman have a huge argument with another woman in the staffroom.

Last time I was hanging out, taking it easy and enjoying the delicious taste of pleasure with my buddies @ Soma95, one of the matre Ds comes in, tired and emotional and probably a bit toasted too, yells a bit and moans loudly and grief-stricken to someone out in the kitchen — while sitting in the restaurant. He was sitting right next to the kid.

The kid has been lying in that position like that the last two time I’ve been there. I’m there for at least half an hour, but neither time have I seen the kid stir an inch, which doesn’t seem natural. I got to thinking that maybe it was some tragic traffic-skittled-kid story where it was actually a taxidermy kid that the family didn’t want to let go.

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