blogging at work – the slackers have arrived

It was just a matter of finding out the IP numbers re getting the laptop to work on the net here.

– they don’t employ cleaners here – they get the kids to do it all. As I write, there’s pint-sized, uniformed child-labour scurrying about with small brooms and mops. They do it everyday on some sort of roster I imagine.

– this staff room is a joke — kids are allowed to wander in whenever they like. Where’s the sanctuary I ask? I’m starting to gather that there’s big gap in the teacher/student relationship in western countries compared to here.

Q. so how does it feel being Just another Brick in the Wall?
A. Great. They bow to me in unison at the end of each class. So far, they pay attention and shut up when I speak. And all I have to do is repeat things like, “Glad to meet you!” loudly, over and over. I say it, then they repeat it in unison.
Although, I can relate to a line from Krusty; “Sheesh those kids were like ice out there”, said at the end of a show. (Krusty reunited with his father ep?) — some classes are clammed up tight and others are ready to dive right in and give it a shot.

A couple of times I’ve been completely out-stared. They dead-pan, flat-out stare and I look back enquiringly, then realise it’s a stare-off but eventually start to feel weirded-out and give in. I think it’s the first time some of them have had a close encounter of the furriner kind.

I think I’m going to Japan on Monday, to get the 12-month visa. It sounds exciting but I may not see much more than the airport and an immigration office waiting room.

It’s lucky I haven’t had to think much during this first week because I’ve been completely preoccupied with Getting a Piece of Fruit. I’ve been waiting for some kid to put a damn apple or even just a mandarin on my friggin desk, but none has come.

I’ve only had minor dealings with him but the principal seems like a really cool guy. He looks like every east-asian statesman you’ve seen in a 2-second newsbite of some dude shaking a hand or signing a document. He’s got a relatively low, calm voice and I’m dead sure he’d be ace at kareoke.
The Vice, reminds me of the Ewok medicine man (with the green on green striped fur and the bone mask) from Return of the Jedi. He sounds exactly the same. In fact, I think the vice *is* speaking Ewok. Got a nice from the back and over the top comb-over going too.

The worst thing is the toilets. They smell bad, and I think they make the kids clean them too. Plus it’s squatters only. It looks like I’m never going to be able to take a dump at work, because the way I see it, the potential for all manner of shit-smear disasters is way too great for me to risk it and get down and get funky.

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