I realise this is becoming like a live journal but there’s not much else I can do until they let me have a net connexion at home and/or I buy a new laptop. Buying an old apple was a really bad decision, and loading yellowdog linux onto it was equally as bad.
Part Time! is a small offering, in PDF format, and chunky at 1.9Mb, but I like it — it’s the cover of a notepad I’m going to put my 3-line, point-form lesson plans in. Don’t be disappointed if you see it pop up again as the theme banner for this site. Delivery Possible!

Anyway, I like eeetch-on – there’s less shoving than in seoul. A section of the midtown shopping area near me is ped-friendly walking-only plazas, which also makes a nice change — although there’s still the motor-scooters moving at full speed to dodge. Last week I went looking for a boombox and found two possible places and seriously, about 12 shops that sold nothing but clocks — alarm clocks, cuckoo clocks, kitchen clock etc.
There’s a disproportionate amount of shops with tracksuits in the windows. I really want one. can’t wait until can get a matching two-piece tracksuit, some ridiculous sneakers and a peaked cap, which I’ll either wear at a 45degree angle or the full 90.

It went back to winter wonderland this morning. I had to buy some slippers because, despite the hallways being fookin freezing, the whole place being cement, and there being nowehere that people lie on the floor or sleep — they insist on wearing slippers inside.
I shouldn’t complain too much. I see enormous potential for goofing off. It literally takes half an hour to decide what each of the two grades are to do each week, after that it’s like being a musician playing a rehearsed set to different audiences eight more times.

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