I like small speakers-i like tall speakers

– because I can’t get the jig out of my toes, o bookmark these people because maybe they have a jiggin’ troupe.

I bought some altec lansing speakers yesterday, plugged them in and immediately started to feel sanity returning at the same rate that the neighbours realised they’re not going to like me. It’s 2 small speakers and one bass thing – I’ve always been sus on those small speaker set ups and thought that unless the things weren’t about to blow apart then they weren’t good. But they bassyness of these ones is sweet.

There was this surreal moment the other day where I was rushing to get out the door and scrambling for the keys in my pocket to lock the door, and sometimes it’s like my frame of vision closes in to make everything tunnelish. I focus on the lock then hear the next-door (right behind me) open and I swing around and for a brief moment see the old lady (ajumoni) peering out from behind the security latch with her midget dog in her arms and its head just below her chin — manic little rat-dog I’ve heard yapping a fair bit. I smiled and quickly turned away to get the lock clicked and ran off.

I also bought an iron, because I love ironing.

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