can dogs attain enlightenment?

Even if they are thinking dogs?

I met the school’s founder today – he really is old – maybe 400. His tongue was waving about and doing involuntary things, his eyes had that white-filmy cataract look and his slacks hung loose on spindly legs. But y’know it’s nice that he’s still got something to do instead of being hidden away in an oldfolks home. In this society he can, through translation, ask me if I’m christian, smoke and drink. I lied about the first one but was at least able to be true on the 2nd n 3rd. Be true to your school.
I got to see the apartment where I’ll be living. It’s nice, about the same size (if not a smidge bigger) and quality as Bucky’s, and it’s taken him a while to get where he is. Granted, I’m out in the sticks, but the traffic’s more managable, the air is cleaner, and down there, I’ll be treated like the freak that I am.
I don’t mind the longer-than-normal looks and the out and out stares. In fact, I crave them. I want to live in a place where I can get up in the morning, not have to do anything special to my hair or put on a costume — and just be treated as a freak. Lazy in his achievement of freakishness. That’s not really the situation there – maybe if I went further down, inland.
What’s troubling is when it’s inconsistant, like when I went to the whitey predominated ‘burb, Itaewon, the other day. I felt like shooing the other whiteys away. I saw on other whitey in eeetch-on today. I said hi but should’ve asked where Whitey congregates down there.

I met my landlord – a zen buddist monk – fuckin’ A! I knew it’d be hard for anyone to match Higgins as a landowner, but matched, matchless, match-everythingness .. and the inadequacy of words to describe zen. He had those kind of face wrinkles that indicate a life of lots of smiling and laughing. Doesn’t speak a word of english, but that’s cool — it’d only get in the way. The temple is right over the street, so maybe I’ll go hang out and meditate some, and do other zen shiznit like wear a shoe on my head and threaten to push deciples off the bridge into the river because they wanted to know how deep the river of zen is.
Peace out.

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