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Linguistics is blowing my head out. It’d probably be good for every whitey/western kid be made to learn a non-romanised alphabet. I had a go at figuring some hangul out today but it’s disheartening to swap a word back and then realise it’s still gobbledegook like ‘chungul’ or something like that. From the back of the phrasebook I transed entrance to ipku, checked it and was pleased to see that the phonetic is indeed ipku, now I’ve just got to remember what ipku means, and then about a million other words.
And then the phrase book lets me down because it says annyong haseo is hello and how are you — but real people only say haseo. It sucks when you already had a perfectly fine one-sylable salutation like hi, and then have to switch to a potentially 6-sylable hard to say thing. And they all say it, you walk in to shops and the checkout chick will say haseo at least. What happened to the apathetic non-verbal, no eye-contact, exchange of goods for money I was so used to?

Yay. Thanks internet, because of you I now know how to tie a tie and I did it all without asking anyone. Or at least this time. For the interview I had to arx Mr.Kim at the place where I’m staying. More on that when I actually leave. The whole dressing straight bit sucks arse. I’d like to get a tailor-made 1930s gangter style pinstripe suit so then I’d at least feel cool. I don’t like tucking my shirt in.

A few weeks back now at the camp, the second-head teacher, matt, got food poisoning at was puking all night. All the kids in my class loved him because he could just cruise in, crack a few jokes and split while I was the guy enforcing the spelling tests. Regardless, I got the kids to make a get well card and write a sentence etc. On it they mostly put ‘matt, fighting!’ and similar. There’s also other things like KTF, the 2nd largest telephony services provider, stands for Korea Team Fighting.
The point being that there’s this odd slip in translation where fighting means Go For It!

And since I end up using crappy MS internet explorer these days, I’ve grown weary of seeing how crappy the old design was rendering in it. Most web pages produced in this country are crappy looking and cluttered up with text and javascript rubbish, but the reason why al those N.american web-design elitists use minimal boring white-spaced set-ups is because it’s fookin’ impossible to create a well-layered design that works in all browsers.

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