Screaming: Why it happens and what to do about it

Pretty much all of the temporary whitey teachers from the camp have cleared out now. Frank from SF split the other day and Rectangle went to do some WOOFing today, although she’ll be back and will also be in eeetch-on for a couple of months. They guy who I roomed with at the camp, who we’ll call Bucky (until he protsets that I not call him Bucky) has been here 3 years and has been a veritable font of knowledge practical and abstract about the country and working here. I had dinner with him last night again and it was good to catch up.

Also it was just good to hang out with someone because I was feeling downbeat about having lunch with YYS. She’s like being with a badly sealed case of uranium. Together, you feel invincible and dangerous and a couple of hours can feel like months but eventually you got to part and immediately you start feeling sick, need to sleep, and huge welts break out all over your skin … well maybe not that but the rest.
She’s freakishly pretty so I couldn’t help but stare the whole time — I think she pretended not to notice – and virtuous but not particularly fun — and I’m impatient and desperately trying to find a way to impress her or make her laugh and wondering of there’s anything she’s really passionate about. I’m totally 0wnz0red which is uncomfortable.

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