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As far as this whole writing stuff online thing goes, one of my main inspirations over the last 14 months or so has been Zellar of Open All Night. He’s just moved virtual working locations to Yo Ivanhoe!. I hope they’re paying him there, or paying him more, or whatever.

I signed that contract for that job today. It was supposed to be in the presence of the founder of the school, but he had to go home for a nap. It was founded in 1945 so the old boy’s probably getting on, and be honest, who doesn’t like a nap after lunch?
Obviously I’m not going to get into any specifics about it all. I tried googling the joint and there’s almost nothing. The city is just under an hour onna bus from seoul – south by south-east and is pronounced eeetch-on. I think I’ll just alias it as the Nunnery because, damn it, I knew this would happen … I was sitting in the admin waiting area falling asleep in the stuffy warm air and gazing into this lead-light window, and it took a couple of minutes because it was all so abstract, but I could eventually see a Cross in there. After that crucifixes started popping up all over the place. I’ll probably have to teach sentences like: Find the verb in – “On Saturday Jesus went to the beach”.

It’s not like I have a huge problem wif christians or anyfing. I wish I could be one, they’re just so damn pious … how do they not desire? But I can’t. It’s like asking me to go back to pretending santa claus is alive or the earth is flat. Or pretending to not see the cross in the window. The woman who said I was handsome in the interview, has got this whole Vulcan thing going on – like how can you say that about someone then not show even the slightest glimmer of interest? It turns out she is the ‘assistant teacher’ anyway – which also is crazy because I guess she’d be the same age as me, but has this way of carrying herself in a ten years more mature fashion. Because the classes are 45 students big, there’s a second teacher. Confuscious was about as wise as yer average accountant.

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