the new romantics

I writ this post once already last night but then I pressed the wrong button and it disappeared.

Yesterday I found a new bunch of friends who tend to not get smashed everynight, which suits me fine. Went bowling, cracked a hundred.

My love-life has pretty well sucked for over two years so it’s a good thing that I’m going out on a date tomorrow evening. Before I came here I had this notion that I wanted to be a born-again romantic; fall in ga-ga love, actively pursue a young woman rather than be caught by one, go on dates, hold hands and go ice-skating. Everything would be sweet and nothing would hurt — and it’s never going to be like that. But fuckit I’m going to try, Billy.
YYS, (those really are her initials and it’s great because it rocks one third harder than my YS) seen top middle here speaks softly, has insanely good posture, sits in ways I never could, will give up her socks to stoopid kids in -17degsC, puts ^-^ in emails (what the heck is ^-^ ??) and has a heart lighter than anything I’ve ever come near. I’ve come a way but I still feel way dark cynical and captain kirk next to her. Plus I slouch like nobodies bizness.

Tradition here has it that the guy does nothing on Vals day, while the girl gets the guy chocolate. A month later the guy reciprocates by getting the girl lollies (candy) but if you find yourself an unreciprocated lover in such exchanges, then the month after that you’re supposed to go to a bar and eat black eggs. True story.


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