“I had a carrot for dinner!”

It’s chinese lunar new year hols here, so not much has happened on the job front. I can’t get a fone without a 12-month visa. In another situation where I can’t get fotos from the laptop to the internet. It’s a conspiracy I tells ya — windows xp will recognise my camera no probs, but that stoopid program, ms paint, lacks the ability to resize photos.

Saw a few touristy things yesterday, the highlight being a troupe of traditional musicians; drums cymbals and crazy little horns. Plus they had these ribbon-twirly things on their heads which looked neat.
Moved out of the nicey comfort of my friend’s apartment into a guesthouse. There was three of us living in this (what I’d consider very small space) for four days and I’m really surprised at how sane it was — a testament to the good natures of the other two guys… both of who read this . so as if I’m going to say anything else ..heheh.
And while the proprietors of the guesthouse seem nice – it’s full of these backpacker types with that hungry souless look in their eyes. ay curumba.
I’ve been hanging around with whiteys and one very helpful local the last couple of days, which is heaps better because there’s someone to talk to.

As for learning the language, I’m focussing on the kind of phrases I know I’ll need the most like:
“what’s that smell?”
“It looks nice, but do you have it in a vermillion?”
“Oh jesus… I am so, so so sorry.” and
“Hey! if you shove me once more there’s gonna be trouble.”

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