happy virus

I spent a lot of yesterday and today riding around on the subway in seoul. It’s pretty well organised and can act as a skeleton when navigating the body of the city. I never stood on the platform long enough to think, ‘I’m waiting for a train’ because they’re so regular. I mostly rode the green line, line 2 – a large loop that takes about an hour to do. It’s a flat 1000won to get through the turnstiles; equating to one US dollar. — so all that’s excellent — a compact city that actually sees the logic to a really functional mass transit system.
It feels constructed well because I could stand up wthout holding anything and not get thrown around – wich helps keeps te punters calm – especially when the carriages are packed. I haven’t really seen that yet. I’m told it was a ghost town today — it’s the Lunar new year, and the tradition is to scramble back to where the folks are. Half the country goes to some other part of the country – literally – 27million people travelling – either on roads or by train, bus etc.

I spent most of today by myself and it was a lonesome traveller thing. Heavy adjustment due to the language barrier, being in the extreme minority. I saw a few whiteys, tried to make eye contact and was kind of sad when I didn’t get it – aren’t they as wanting to say hi as much as me? Apperently not, except for a black american guy named Jude who tried to recruit me into his church – I don’t know which one.

I know the mobile phone is a known invention in most parts of the world, but they’re practically grafted to the hands of the people here. A couple of times the last seat to be filled would be the one next to me, because I’m a whitey and it seems no one wants to sit next to the whitey.

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