Am having a first go of the ubiquitous public compter rooms in Seoul, called PC Bang. Good computer, a bit smokey, but cheap.
Was feeling a bit downbeat yesterday after saying goodbye to the whole camplife scene. Seeing the kids off (a couple of them cried), and then my wonderful assistant (who also cried – about the kids, not me) and then eventually all us whiteys heading our different directions. Although, not quite – am staying with a new uber-helpful friend and veteran of SK life for a day or so, along with another new friend — which really good because I knew the transition from being around hundreds of people constantly back to solo would be difficult.
The place we stayed last night was really nice — right looking over a big park called the children’s park – a big window with a view of heaps of trees and some birds – even in the dead of winter – looked nice.

Went a long taxi ride from one area of the city to another last night and got the first glimmer of understanding about how big the place is.

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