Okay enough with the kiddy-pics, you’re starting to creep me out.
But I couldn’t let this one slide – that kid is holding a case with the above-titled phrase on it, and inside it is all the stockpiled snax that’d been doled out to each kid. But not this kid – she’s giving hers to her parents.
And you thought christianity was bad in your country — what I’m told is that it took off after the war in the 50s – because it was the victor’s religion – is the only reason folks here took it up — emulating the want-money thing. All the churches are the same functional architecture, capped with a red neon cross.

I thought it was supposed to be a peace sign. Before I came I saw numerous photos of kids like this doing the peace sign and I thought — wow, they’re really freaked into consciousness by the possibility of being slaughtered by their brothers n sisters across the DMZ annd nukes and what ever.
But it seems there’s no meaning behind the finger hold – they just do it. I’ve asked lots of people if they had any idea of the origins, but so far with out answer. My tenous present theory is it’s also a war throw-over.

Another weird thing about this place is how they count age — everyone gets a starting bonus of one year when they come out — I don’t understand that bit — plus also there’s this horse-like thing where they add an additional year at the beginning of each calendar year, regardless of when in the year your actual birthday is. You still celebrate your birthday where it falls, but – so theoretically, you could be born on Dec. 25 and be 2 years old a week and a bit later. Highly illogical.

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