mor hapiSnapz frm wintawundaland

It snowed yesterday morning so we got to skip class and go out into the carpark and play. yay! Really only the third time I’d been in snow, after two ski excursions – 15 years ago.
The boys, who normally do what I say, formed an unspoken alliance and totally pummelled me with snowballs. I fought back a little bit but was hopelessly outgunned.
The boy in this foto, Tam, (again – no real name supplied) is a real poindexter. When I ask him a hard question, he’ll look up (they all sit on the floor) and twitch his nose so that the glasses move around too. It’s fuggin hilarious. A high proportion of the boys here are nerds.
The character Dexter Poindexter was visually modelled on Penfold from Dangermouse (who grudnuk erronously, I think, compares to the current poliitical leader of australia) but now I have a dozen dozen live models getting under my feet daily.

Looking at the weather thing on the net now, it says it’s 0degs centigrade – but it doesn’t feel anything like that — it feels more like 10degs, geelong style — and who in their right mind could complain about weather where you get 2cms of snow one morning, then it be sunny as, the next? There isn’t a trace of the light-deprivation that the folks in Northern US seem to suffer either – the sun’s basically up by 8am and down around 5 to 5:30pm.

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