non-specific observations

I’ve started teaching – it’s good fun but kind of full on. Lots of noise and light and movement. They’re a good bunch of kids, I was lucky not to get any truly bad apples. The boys are a tad rambunctous and more of a challenge to get interested — but what can you expect from a bunch of bart simpsons? They’re around that age – 10 or 11. The girls are more into it as fitting with the generalisation that females are better communicators.

My crew, and the young woman helping me with them. She’s an absolute saint — I’ve never met a person of her age/sex as selfless and polite.

Some self-portraits they put together, which look great, I think. The kid that did the bottom left, green on green – I asked him about it, mentioning that he didn’t have a long goatee beard. A bunch of them started talking the local language (which they’re not supposed to do) and I couldn’t understand them. Eventually they got it through that Mark (not his real name) had done the guy on the 10,000Won bill, King Sajong.

Went to the waterpark bit of that giant amusement park I mentioned we were going to, today. It was pretty good considering a lot of it was closed for winter. Water slides, various oddly haped, indoor heated pools, saunas and, most importantly, different flavoured spa baths with high-powered water jets to knead my buttocks.

As a lanky canadian pointed out to me, it’s interesting that here, the women wear more bathing clothes than the guys — these relatively conservative one-piece suits with a skirty bit and the guys mainly in speedos. Compared to the other way around in most western locales.
There’s a lot of aussies here, a couple of kiwis, a handful of Irish (who win the award for being funniest), a buch of canadians and only a few yankees. One pom.

I went to a supermarket the other night and it was ace. There’s all kinds of weird shit here.

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