“Morning” “Morning, Pedro” “Take my mule Pedro” “Oh si Senor”

I realise this thing is taking on a bit of a theme and if it’s not interesting, there might be a bit of a wait for a change of style. We’re going live jouirnal for a bit. I didn’t think I’d be able to get on the net much at all, but it’s everywhere, and it’s the only thing to do in short breaks with no ghetto blaster and no good things on telly and I can’t get slow enough to read.

Changed locations today, and will again tomorrow night. There seems to be a bit of disorganisation but as far as language camps go, this is the biggest one attempted in the country — 400 kids. They’re not here yet. This whole thing is mostly govt sponsored, which a new thing. They want to give middling kids a chance at these things instead of just the devil-spawn sprog and ill-got of the elite.

I was supposed to be making arty shit; decorations for wall most of yesterday and today, but just didn’t feel like it. So I did a bit and that’s it.

Everything is small here. Small softdrink cans, small coffee, small flavoured milk tetrapaks. Packets of chips (crisps) are the same size but they put less in them. Packets of lollies — the whole enchilada and I think we’d be hard pressed to find the standard sized family block of chocky. It’s all a hell of a lot cheaper but it just means extra packaging. Oddly, I haven’t given much of a thought to recycling or any of that jazz since I got here. It’s like that whole side of me went on holiday. Maybe all the small stuff is a factor in why there’s a lot less fat-arses on the street. Other factors may include the absurd amount of hills, stairs and walking up thereof. And rice still being a major component of each meal.

The coffee is shocking. These small (200ml) cans – hot or cold, of crap american instant brands like maxwell house, some other one and Taster’s Choice — what the heck is that? I only know what that is because Samuel L Jackson mentions it in Pulp Fiction.
And vending machines! Ug, You put the equivelent of 20cents into a machine and it dribbles this cup of instant into a little paper cup — less than a mouthful; you’re lucky to find a machine that’ll have a without sugar option. It’s like some comedic farcical joke on the discerning australian coffee imbiber. There’s a can brand called “Let’s be Mild” which I’d like to show you a picture of sometime.

Got a very brief look at Everland, the Disneyland equiv., today. Boy is that going to be a journey into the super/sur and hyper-real.

Each of us whiteys has been assigned a korean assistant (to translate (when needed) and stuff like look after the little buggers when we need a break) and most of them are young women — university student who want to practice their own english, or get some brownie points on their resume. They’re all adorable, polite and eager. They’re like 19, 20 or 24 and they hold hands with eachother. It’s shocking that they’re getting paid a third or a quarter of what we are, and they have to look after the brats once we’ve split for the evening back to our ‘love hotel’. Some of the more seasoned guys, american asshols, stood around watching and cracking furtive jokes while the assistants did all this heavy lifting this morning.

We’re (us whiteys) are stayng in this off-ramp hotel whose main clientele is couples having affairs. I haven’t seen it yet – that’s tomorrow.

Everytime someone says “Morning” to me, I still think of the People Like Us track, ‘Morning’ — and the Wide Open Spaces album — and get the giggles. Take my mule, Pedro.

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