I ur oh… I uh , er.
I’m going to teach at this camp, see and I’m here now. I think it’ll be fun. There’s not much teaching, but a lot of amusement park rides and stuff, since it’s at an amusement park.

I freak out occasionally in the last two days when realising I’m in a land where I don’t know how to speak or read or write. Some places there’s signs in English.
I’ve mentioned this guy I know here — well, he was a little help — but frankly he’s turned out to be a bit of a feeb, stuck in his crappy liottle rut, probably talking a lot of bs. I ask, You’ve been here a year and a half but not bothered to learn the language?“ It’s not a priority. ”You don’t go out and eat in the (absolute fucking) plethora of restaurants?” I find korean food boring. We took me to the trainstation to get to seoul this morning, and he was freaking out more than me. Anyway.

I was hoping to get a foto or two up – but no possible connection yet. By the way the train I caught was pretty cool. What I saw of seuol was very nice. It’s cold but not ridiculously cold. About 0 degrees.

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