…and boy are my arms sore

Just flew into south korea. The plan is to hang out at the airport all night and catch a bus to sunnybreaks’ man on the grounds place tomorrow morning.
am on a coin operated computer — feel a little hurried.
Got a whole bunch of stuff to be added that’s on the laptop – I need one of tose usb keyring thingos.

My first contact with the korean people was a good one — back at taipei – ‘ol chang kai shek memorial airport – I was checking in yet again with China Airlines – and found out I had to go to another desk to pay a leaving tax – so did – but was feeling rushed and the cue at the CI desk was backing up. I decided to jump it and go straight back to the same check-out chick, who still had my passport which was making me edgy — basically cut right in on the young korean couple being served — they actually smiled and moved their troleey out of the way incase I wanted to deposit some luggage.
The airport here is big and impressive. But that’s really only in comparrison to Taipei. I got a Vladimir Putin fanboy book. I’m no fan of him, but there’s some great pictures in there.

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