transish 1

Staying at Obs new place in Corio for a day. If Tarantino had to reshoot pulp fiction in geelong, corio is where the boxer would skittle the beefy black gangsta.
Watched a guy carefully back his car out his driveway into the cul de sac (court), do a 10sec burn out then put the car away again.
The word cul de sac reminds me of spider eggs. I’ve seen more than my fair share of them in the last couple of days — or – my fair share – but two year’s worth in one go. That is, am now clened up and moved out of the bungalow.
Sayonara Bajaloh.
Off to colac aka 1968-74 for a day or two.
Also watched a fish sing that disco song that goes ‘don’t rock the boat baby, don’t tip the boat over’.

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