Latifah’s had it up to here.

The same way that a lot of the Talking Heads albums washed up into my possesion, I came across several books on skyjacking during my formative years. Written during the 70s, the topic was a bit of a hot then. I think I got them as remainders from the library, 20c each. Also remember there being on on a bookshelf at a chalet at a ski camp I went on in Yr10. I read some, but didn’t pinch it, which strikes me as odd. I read the other first two, but again, this was during my formative years, so I can’t hardly remember much except that they used this new set of thinking called psychology, and generally blamed this bulk of foreign (that is, non-whitey) skyjackers’ reason for getting into it on not having good relationships with their mums.

It’d be funny if there was a skyjacker on the plane and I was actually able to put my pop-psychology degree to use, and it looked like everything was going to work out, then I made a bad joke and we all plunged firey deaths la.
Database of airline disasters since 1920.

series of paintings by ryan brunetti on an air show disaster.

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