merry christmas

When the world starts to implode I develop this habit of rearranging the furniture – spending all day moving components a little this way, a little that, looking from angles at the result. It’s not very entertaining.

Sadly, I had to say Sayonara to the Monday Morning Mentals Music group this just gone. In the brief months I got back to it, after a four year absence, they were a whole bunch of inspirations to me. None moreso than

DareDevil Nevil

He doesn’t talk, bringing a new twist to an old adage, like Better to keep quiet and leave them wondering if you’re from this plane of existence than to start talkin’ and remove all doubt.
Interestingly, just to head-fuck me, and make my claims less convincing to you, he actually looks quite with it in that shot, and even seems to be disapproving of my foto-taking through a ‘what a wank’ hand motion. Like Neil Diamond.
He’s the most unpredictable man in showbusiness. One moment, for half an hour he’ll just be sitting there, gazing gleefully at the ceiling like he’s telepathying with demons and angels, and then (well once at least) he jumps up and dives between to people to get to the mixing desk and starts readjusting the vols. There’s two people (seen behind) who’re employed just to keep an eye on him.
A couple of times he’s started doing stuff, and through physical proximity ie. I’ve been the closest, they’ve expected me to do what they do and talk loud and disapproving say Sit Down! etc. but I just watch and think ‘How cool!’.

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