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Dear Pulika,
Sorry I haven’t written sooner but it’s just been a fucking madhouse aroound here of late. As if chistmas wasn’t enough, then my older twin sisters decide to have their weddings on the 9th of Jan! I get to be a bridesmaid but there’s stacks of stuff I have to do for it like get fitted for a dress and mum says that we have to do *2* complete test runs of eating the whole banquet just in case the first one is a fluke. :barfs: I’m so full.
Mum said I could invite a friend because all the reception speaches n junkk will be fully boring so I said to my friend Imogen could come and she’s like she totally freaked coz she’s got a crush on my brother Grant who is a year older than me. I said to Immy like, he likes you but he’s just not that into you.
My brother is a totall pain but sometimes he is ok, like, he did something to the onboard navigation computer dealy in the Toyota Prado so that the talking woman in it so that she says Would you like mme to talk dirty to you? and it said it to mum and she totally freaksvilled and says back to it How is that going to help me get from Chadstone Southland back to Armadale?

Anyhoo the agency said I should tell you a bit about me so here goes.
the most disturbing things that i can think of are scalps, they are disgusting, flakey, porous, smelly, just writing this is making me gag. i also get really sickened when i see drawings of hair follicles. i hate seeing ants clustered together, vomitworthy, and so are things like fish eggs and cell walls, ground beef, things like graph paper makes me sick a lot. the fish eggs on finding nemo were horrifying. my friend was the first to talk to me about this disgust with clustery beasts and sometimes when we’re on the internet, we battle each other by looking up pictures of sick things like chicken pox and fish scales and mushrooms to see who gives up first. she is horrified of birds and the way that their feathers fold over each other and their wrinkly eyes both gross her out, she’s also scared of bald spots, and when it comes to clusters she hates poppy seed clusters the most. she is also throughly disgusted and horrified with the thought of things embedding themselves and she has had horrible dreams about poppy seeds embedding themselves into her arm and then someone scraping the seeds out with a potato peeler. we also get really grossed out by words that sound sick. words like, moist, fineagle, ointment, blithe, just gross sounding words. other things that make us want to puke are stout things, like the sugar pot on the movie the sword and the stone, and the 6 oz soda cans. anything that people try to make miniature so that its “cute” is just really wrong. i get really grossed out when i have to feel fabric that is worn and it has little balls on it, especially sheets, i almost die if i have to sleep in a bed with pilly sheets, it is sick. also people sipping makes my skin crawl along with strings of sticky things, we’re talking pizza cheese that won’t stop stretching, people that pull their gum out of their mouths and spit, spit is the worst, spit that won’t detach, bleck. i have a big problem with eating things, especially turkey, if i think about where they came from before i eat it, with turkey, i think of a dead road kill turkey on the side of the road with its feathers puffed and there’s lice on it and you can see its raised pores and… *barfs* i’m also scared that toilets won’t function correctly… but i think that’s enough confessing for now

In geog class they told us the average temp for addis ababa now is 38 degs. Surfs up dude! Maybe ur a bit little for surfing but boogie boards is kewl too. If its 200km from yor village to the coast then that, like, 2 hrs drive or something as long as theres no traffic jams. LOLLZzz! Addis abiba sounds like adidas. I hope that means you don’t have Adidas becuz Fila rox.

I’m glad I got u as a sponsor kid b/c in the photot the agency gave me you look nice. Braids went out here last year, but I guess you guys will catch up soon. Immy got a boy blecch! from gwatamalla and he has a thing on his face that looks gross..
The OC is gonnna start soo I gotta run! 🙂

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