fear of buttons

The dance gang had its break-up the other night. Someone I know as intelligent and youthful beyond their years happened to pick up a shoe in the half-light of the beer-garden. She looked closer then quickly put it down, saying that it had buttons all over it. (it did – it was like a home-made, gold spraypainted trophy thing) And she tells me that she’s got a fear of buttons. I thought for a minute and realisied that all of the stuff she wears has no buttons — that’s hippy clothes for you. Hers must’ve been a fairly mild case. She’d met one other person who had it. I had a hard time keeping a straight face about it.
Fear of Buttons anecdotes.
The whole Unusual Phobias site is Gold, baby, so don’t be disappointed if you see me mining stuff for it for stories on here. I particularly like how the site’s maintainer adds notes to the categories like, “this one is hilarious, MUST-READ!” and then at the end of each page there’s a picture of the thing causing grief.

I think perhaps if my head were less well I’d develop fear of clowns; not as much fun as buttons but eh. There’s a clown living a couple of doors down on the other side of the road and every now and then I’ll see them driving out of the nearby car-park and I get a little mesmerised. I can’t look away and the juxtapostion of a clown in full regalia inside a beige Ford Laser (or some shit like that) seems offensive.
Same with that Nokia tv commercial, I don’t know if it aired in other countries, but the tag is something like ‘fun everywhere’ (ie. having a phone you can play games on) illustrated by a guy waiting at a bus stop and a dozen or more clowns charge at him, he gets on the bus and then the clowns cruise up alongside the bus window — they’re standing on a semi-trailer flatbed. All I could think about that was what a potential nightmare.
Also, there’s woman that I know who says she does clowning as a job for kids’ parties and while I’ve never seen her dressed as a clown, I visualise it everytime I see her … and I think, ‘yeah, you look like a clown’.

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