I guess I’m normal in some ways and getting up at 4am not very often is one of them. But I did yesterday again and again railed up to Melb and went to the RRR Breakfasters end of year OB.
I walk in a bump right into Jon Safran. What do I say? Hey Safran, luv ya work, or, so what was the dealio with that exorcism thing? No. No, I say – is this the queue for coffee? (they had free coffee and boy did I need some).
Whenever I come across semi-celebs or personalities I get this weird minndset kick in that tries to impress them by out-unimpressedness. Same thing happened with stand-up comedian Greg Fleet once – a situation of a gathering and I’m talking and I want to include him in the convo so I hand motion at him like I didn’t know what his name was.

It was good fun and all and I clapped etc but I bet after I walked out at 9am I bet people were saying to eachother Who was that guy? I was blown away by how unimpressed he looked.
That band Your Wedding Night played, and they played that song they do; L – A – C- H -L – A – N — and before they ask so are there any lachlan’s here? and guess who’s sittin’ right down the front and sticks their hand up and yells Yeah! Man, hedonism – it’s the new modesty.

Hung out with Jimbo for a bit. He went to the Brian Wilson concert the night before at the Regent Theatre. Said it was good. Apparently Brian’s still a bit crazy because he kept looking at his watch all night as a sort of compulsive thing.

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