employee of the month

I’m totally turned around on the whole Flight Centre thing. Hung out there twice this week and will probably go back again saturday. Troy (the american) is my man. I walk in there and all these eager faces look to me and say, “can I help you?” and I hold a hand up and say Nah nah, I only want to speak to Troy. But he’s on a call, they say. I’ll wait, I say.
In the middle of my powow with Troy, some guy rings up from Vietnam because Vietnam airlines is trying to screw him for too much money. Troy rang em and sorted it. Then we talked trash about how Vietnam airlines are always trying to do that to people when they just want to get home. Yeah, down at Flight Centre we’re always baggin’ vietnam air except that we call it VA because we don’t have time to say it longer, or if there’s no customers around then it’s “Vi Ai” (Veee Ayyyee) which is fun being stupid.

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