narcolepsy and doormouse

I bought an older apple laptop yesterday, like the one in this picture. It’s mostly okay. It took all day for them to give to me — isn’t quite worth linking to because there’s no damn modem port in the side of the thing – wha?! You know where you put that phone jack/plug, with the little hinge and it makes that satisfying *snib* sound — there’s just a hole where there should be a socket that helps make a snibby sound. It’s got an airport card in it (wireless thingy) but now that I think about it, I don’t think there’s a single coffeeshop/food joint in Geelong that has wireless usage for patrons.
Let me tell you, I can think of a few better places to spend the day wandering around than Oakleigh in Melbourne’s south-east.
I’m sure the modem port thing was just a simple ommision but it means I’ve got to go back there and at the thought of that I say, “Baby Goats!”.

Just for the record, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the last webhost S.Breaks was at, Zainy, it’s just that HostCentral has helped me get a significant way toward the the point of this website being financially self-sufficient and for this I am grateful. Now if only it could write itself (via Dabs) then I could forget about it completely.

Part of the reason for my lack-lustreness for hoiking up a bunch of links to stuff is because of the StumbleUpon,, toolbar thing. It takes the effort and value out of presenting a bunch of obscure seeming topics. Because how do you know that I spent hours clicking around google, finding the most relevant, wacky site on a particular esoteric thing, of if I’ve just dribbled on the stumbleupon.

In this case, the latter — the stanford prison experiment, was one of about six psychology experiments done in the 20Cent. which supposedly went beyond what’s ethically good, but at the same time, these are the same ones that lecturers can’t stop yammering about. They get excited and froth up talking about them, then at the end of the rave they say, ‘but of course we could never repeat this today because of our strict moral and ethical standards and codes and committees’ … blah blah blah.
And you just know that in some underground base somewhere, they’re doing experiments that are ten times as hardcore.

Prisoner 8612 is a bad prisoner!

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